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Zephyr & Apollo
March 16, 2016


March 16, 2016


March 16, 2016


Contact Information

September 16, 2013

We are located in Vancouver WA USA

I am not breeding at this time, but do have a few people that breed on my Bell's lines. If you are interested in a competition dog, contact me at

If you are an owner of one of my pups and want to get in touch with me, send an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Pictures of your Chasser pup are always welcomed. 

Please visit my Etsy store! 

Christie's Golden Bell CD


April 18, 1997 - September 17, 2013


April 1, 2002 - October 13, 2010


Speaker x. Bell



 Apollo & Bell - March 16, 2013




Videos of our goldens can be viewed on youtube.

Goldens Eligible to Participate in AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests

The AKC Board has approved Labrador Retrievers and the Golden Retrievers to be eligible to participate in the Spaniel Hunting Test Program effective July 1, 2013. AKC Performance Events are meant to test the skills for which a breed was originally developed. The history of both the Labrador and Golden Retrievers indicates they were developed to be versatile hunting dogs, proficient in both upland and waterfowl hunting. Their upland heritage is still very much in use today as these breeds are commonly used for upland bird hunting.

The Hunting Test standards of performance are not being changed due to the inclusion of these breeds. Titles earned by Labs and Goldens will be designated with a “U” (for Upland) to indicate the title was earned in the Spaniel Hunting Test program. Hunting style descriptions for these breeds will be posted on the AKC website – - as soon as they are available. Retriever Clubs can apply to become licensed to hold Spaniel Hunting Tests after July 1, 2014. (One year following the breed’s eligibility to participate.)


More Information:
Hunting Style Descriptions:


Titled pups from Chasser litters...

SHR U-CDX Chasser's Pleasant Speaker CDX GO JH WCX CCA VC OD "Effie" (Speaker x. Bell) 

Chasser's She's Sophine CD RA AX AXJ NF NAC NJC TN-N CGC "Sophie" (Speaker x. Bell)

Chasser's Big Sky Up'n At'em MH "Duffy" (Kai x. Daisy)

Chasser's Dance With Life CDX SH WC CCA; Can CD JH WCI "Promise" (Boomer x. Bell)

Chasser's Bayview Golden Boy CGC TDI "Trigger" (Speaker x. Bell)

Oakley of Loneoak JH "Oakley" (Kai x. Daisy)




SHR U-CDX Chasser's Pleasant Speaker CDX GO JH WCX CCA VC OD "Effie"

Owned by Kelly Kosinski - Breeder of the Following Outstanding Dogs...

OTCH HighRoller Black Jack UDX2 OM6 JH NA NAJ WC VER OBHF (Wyatt x. Effie)

U-CDX HighRoller Viva Las Vegas UD JH AX AXJ RA CGC (Wyatt x. Effie)

 SHR UCD HighRoller Gone With the Wind CDX JH NA NAJ WC (Wyatt x. Effie)

 OTCH HighRoller Hoot and a Half UDX3 OM5 NA NAJ VER WC (Hootie x. Effie)

UCD URO1 HighRoller Fast Track Filly CDX RN OA AXJ CGC (Hootie x. Effie)

UCD HighRoller TNT CD WC (Hootie x. Effie)

SHR HighRoller Adrenaline Rush JH WC (Reno x. Effie)

Highroller's Gamblin' Man UDX OM1 BN JH WC (Reno x. Effie)

HighRoller Ganetta's Red Speaks CDX (Reno x. Effie)

SHR HighRoller Speak of the Devil (Reno x. Effie)

 HR HighRoller Marshall Matt Dillon ** MH WCX CGC CCA (Reno x. Effie)

 (2013 Master National Finalist)
(2013 GRCA Nationals - Qual. JAM)


Christie's Red Sarsaparilla "Ruby"

Owned by Daryl Jones - Breeder of the Following Outstanding Dogs...

The Alaskan Quail JH (Hawkeye x. Ruby)

 The Alaskan Dove JH (Hawkeye x. Ruby)

Wind River's Gun For Gold JH (Kai x. Ruby) 





Christie's Golden Bell CD, "Bell" 



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